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BIO Doggy Bites dog cookies with Cod fish 150g

2 working days

* BIO certificate

* New package and size of cookies

* Improved recipe without wheat and with more herbs

* Healthy meat which does not cause allergies

* Without sugar, salt, artificial colors and preservatives

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Rice flour | Oatmeal | Spelt flour | Cod fish (30%) | Eggs | Spinach | Coconut oil | Salmon oil | Basil | Turmeric | Parsley | Rosemary | Chamomile | Flaxseed | Oregano | Savory | Marjoram

* Apples contain lots of vitamin C, minerals, potassium and are an excellent antioxidant.

* Rice is part of the non-gluten diet as it is gluten-free, unlike other cereals. Not only those who do not tolerate gluten, even those who are allergic to various proteins, such as milk or eggs, can eat rice without fear, as they have not yet been found to be harmful to anyone. Rice flour contains lots of calcium, iron, and vitamin B, and is an excellent source of fiber.

* Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which, among other good qualities, also helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. They promote body hydration and electrolyte balance, making them perfect for muscle regeneration. They also increase physical endurance and improve overall well-being.

* Coconut fat raises your body's energy levels naturally and with long-lasting effects. Increases athletic endurance and vitality. Consumption of coconut fat promotes metabolism (physiological processes) and improves digestion. It also enables better absorption of calcium and magnesium, which reduce the acidification of the body.


10.1%     Crude protein

4.7%       Crude oils and fats

2.4%       Crude fibres

355.8 kcal/100g    Energy value

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