Salmopet Lax Oil 300ml


(€43.00 L)

Salmopet is a high quality salmon oil from the crystal clear  ords of Norway.

Made with exclusively 100% fresh salmon, Salmopet supplies the best quality Salmon oil available, providing a rich source of Omega-3 faty acids which supports the health and vitality of your Pet.


  • Contains 100% salmon oil with no additives - the salmon used are taken from the fjord and processed to oil within 1 hours, ensuring that your pet receives only the best quality oil
  • Rich in Omega 3, essential for your pet's health, including the joints, heart, brain, eyes, skin and coat 
  • Smells and tastes of fresh salmon - a taste which dogs and cats adore  
  • Easy to use - simply add to your pet's food 
  • Active Life - this product assist mobility and health due to the Omega 3 EPA which helps to maintain joints. Perfect for active dogs and cats and older pets who are becoming stiff 
  • Vitality - Omega 3 oils also help to maintain heart health and circulation, fantastic for all dogs and cats! 
  • A Healthy Start - Omega 3 HDA included, which is essential for healthy eye and brain development. Great for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats to give puppies and kittens the best possible start!


Daily amount

< 5 kg

2.5 ml (0,5 tl.)

5 - 15 kg

5.0 ml (1 tl.)

15 - 30 kg

10.0 ml (2 tl.)

> 30 kg

15.0 ml (3 tl.)

Start with 1/3 of the recommended amount and increase gradually to the full amount within 7 days. Give once per day with food and do not exceed the recommended amount.


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